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What is your organization’s website for? Why do you have one? Does anyone see it? As the digital world changes around us, it’s a good time to reevaluate your website and what you’re trying to do with it. Too many nonprofit websites are still suffering from junk-drawer syndrome: a place to throw in everything we want people to hear. Doesn’t work that way anymore though. Nobody sees what they don’t want to and they aren’t using the same tools to view it anymore either. How does that change your strategy?


Three Ways the Role of Your Website Has Changed. Is Your Nonprofit Keeping Up?
Assumptions about the role of a nonprofit website need to change as our audience’s behavior changes. A few thoughts about how and why.
For leaders and practitioners.


How Responsive Web Design Works [Infographic]
Been wondering what the heck responsive web design is, how it works, or why your nonprofit should use it? A nice infographic with the basics of a critical consideration for every nonprofit.
Short and sweet for leaders and practitioners.


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  1. Great info here! I agree wholeheartedly that far too many organizations underestimate what’s at risk when they send visitors to an outdated website with a poor user experience. I think that while nonprofits understand intuitively that the website needs evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of the user, there is a lack of institutional momentum needed to advance this very important (and time sensitive) asset. There has to be a reason for users to engage with the content on the website frequently. It’s no longer enough for the website to exist as a repository for static information. Google displays hours of operation within search results. Social media offers a dynamic, real-time news feed. Wikipedia provides community authored resource pages. Yelp tells a reader how to make the most of their visit. So, what is it the role of the institutional website? Where is the value for the user? These are the questions that all organizations are going to have to address in the coming year.

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