The spoils will go to the swift, the nimble, the liquid.

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Here’s this week’s featured articles.
By Steve Sullivan


The New “Liquid” Model for Content Marketing Strategy
The world of engagement, fundraising and sales is shifting once more. How can your marketing and social media plans keep up?


Facebook Content Strategy is a Time Bomb for Inbound Marketing
Is your strategy all about inbound marketing? Perhaps not anymore. It’s time to start thinking how you need to evolve.


5 Ways to Integrate Snapchat Into Your Marketing Strategy
What, another social media platform to consider? Yes, it’s worth thinking about if you want to take advantage of another potentially powerful way to reach your supporters, fans and customers.



Facebook’s Not-So-Secret Plan to Take Over Email
Isn’t there a new “Facebook is taking over. . .” article just about every week now? Yes, but it’s still interesting to consider how this trend might affect you. Is email really becoming nothing but promotions? I’m not so sure, but then if direct mail is already that, it’s performing pretty well so maybe it’s not a bad thing.


Virtual Reality Could Be the Next Big Thing in Charitable Giving
A short piece that gives you something to think about if immersing someone in really good storytelling is important to you. And it should be.


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