“To those who does not know the world is on fire, I have nothing to say.”

— Bertolt Brecht

While our personal worldview matters, the worldview of those we are trying to reach is even more important. Because in today’s world, we are drawn to that which is similar to our worldview, our values, our passions, our beliefs. Let’s explore how we have to rebuild what we communicate on all levels, from advocacy to marketing to education to fundraising. And really, aren’t they all fundamentally the same thing?


What’s in a Brand?
A useful and interesting definition of the overused and misunderstood word “brand” by the Seattle creative agency Belief.
Short and sweet.


Beyond Niches: Creating the Ultimate Message
An in-depth look at how applying the psychological driver of worldview helps you create
effective messages that best resonate with your audience. This is how you build an engaged audience and how you keep them interested and participating. Be loud, clear, and authentic about your beliefs. If no one hates you, then no one loves you either.

This post leaves out that it’s critical to always stay true to the worldview that attracted your fans to you in the first place, rather than drift off message to appeal to new people for the sake of growing your audience. If your communications are on message and compelling enough, your fans will grow your audience for you.
Concrete advice for advanced practitioners.


Bragging is not Fundraising
This 62-word post is relevant to us all. Effective communications should be about our audience, not us. We are merely a medium for them to channel their beliefs. It is only then that we can have the influence to change our audience, by starting with their worldview and shared values and building on them. By the ever-excellent Seattle fundraiser Jeff Brooks.
Short and sweet.


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