By Steve Sullivan

Yesterday I had a conversation at the office about improving the landing page for our ad campaigns.

We recently tested various options and did away with our previous strategy of having the potential member give us their name and email address before they purchased. Those emails had proven effective follow-up leads, but over time we’d seen the results dwindle as people slyly filled in their “junk mail” email address.

Now we take them directly to the purchase page and have seen conversions rise.

After brainstorming a long list of improvements we could make, it suddenly hit me that I’ve sent out quite a bit of advice about effective landing pages and calls to action in the Nugget but haven’t taken my own advice at work. Our landing page was a decent example of what not to do.

Figures, right?

It’s a good reminder to check the basics once in a while. After all, your landing page is a considerable factor in your success.


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