I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas A. Edison, prolific inventor


How sweet the idea of starting over, swiping away your mistakes and chalking up a new plan. Better to iterate and build on what’s working. Even better is to understand exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

“Many view social media as a tech skillset and not a strategy for building relationships with living and breathing human beings,” says Colleen Dilenschneider. For nonprofits, it’s the same whether you’re communicating, fundraising or selling. Loyalty leads to meaningful support and involvement. And loyalty springs from a relationship, relationships from trust.

What’s your plan for building trust? For attracting new people to your tribe and welcoming them to the fold? And for maintaining and activating the community of people you already have?

Two helpful guideposts along the path of strategic planning:


Goals, Strategy and Tactics for Change
The simplest, most basic components of any plan. Yet so often we’re only thinking at a tactical level instead of a true strategic level. What does that look like?
Short and sweet.


A Social Media Marketing Plan in 6 Steps
Why make a plan for your social media efforts? Why not just wing it every day and follow the whims of your audience? Because you’re wasting your time. A great template for thinking strategically and creating a plan that matters.
Concrete advice for leaders.


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