By Steve Sullivan

Despite its complexities, email marketing is still the foundation for raising money, supporters and engagement for nonprofits. That’s the role it’s suited for best, complimenting social media to build audience, engagement and reputation.

I’d argue that for most nonprofits, email should be as high or higher a priority than social media, depending on your goal. What happens? You lose potential.

What have you done using email that’s been successful? I’d love to feature your best work or successes!


One Email Tactic Nonprofits Need to Steal from Brand Marketers
A simple idea that will boost your effectiveness, and some examples of it in action. Take advantage of technology to multiply your efforts.


Are These Misconceptions About Email Undermining Your Online Fundraising?
Are you plain wrong about email for nonprofits? Skim this list and if you agree with any of them, you need a mental reset.


12 Nonprofit Marketing Emails that Actually Convert
The kinds of emails that work well for nonprofits and good examples of them. Worth a skim for new ideas.


How Emails are Evolving into Mailable Microsites
What’s the future of email? Here’s an interesting glimpse. Unless you have a bleeding edge email designer on retainer, you probably can’t use these tactics. . . yet. But even the simplest email can take advantage of the idea.


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