Optimize for intent.

— Seth Godin


What the hell am I doing? I ask myself that every time I put together one of these posts. Sure, I’ve followed my own advice and have a strategy: delivering interesting, useful and actionable information to you every week.

And yet I struggle to follow all the advice I send. Especially when it comes to tactics for being discovered and read. I’m not using the most commonly preached tactics, such as optimizing for search, writing gripping headlines or even using images.

Instead I’m trying to build an audience that knows me and trusts that every week I’ll post something worthwhile. (I hope) I don’t have to resort to trick headlines to get you to read. So I’ve taken to having fun instead of “6 Tips for Writing Nonprofit Marketing Copy that Works.” It’s a philosophy of push rather than pull.

So far so good.

But then again not everyone reads or opens or finds. And fewer share or forward. That’s normal, but still. What could I be doing differently? Love to hear your thoughts below.


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