What you really need is a business strategy enabled with digital tools and solutions.

Devon Hopkins


Is your nonprofit using outdated thinking to drive your online tactics? Are your core strategies obsolete? Starting a new year is the perfect time to reevaluate.

If “build it and they will come” is your idea of a good plan, you should just quit and find another career, because you’re hurting your nonprofit’s chances of ever making a difference.

Confident you’re on the right track and success is right around the corner? It doesn’t hurt to make sure.

Here are three articles that might help.


This is What’s Wrong With Your Nonprofit Digital Strategy
What’s wrong with your nonprofit digital strategy is you don’t need one. What do you need?


Is Your Nonprofit Living in the Past? Nine Outdated Ways of Thinking That are Hurting Your Organization
Unless you just started your job and are learning everything for the first time, it’s possible that your way of thinking is out of date and your work won’t be as effective as it should be.


Beyond Content Shock: The Defining Trend of 2015 is Content Ignition
With the oversaturation of great content that you’re competing with, what can you do to break through?


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