Showering donors with tales of your organization’s excellence is not a good way to raise funds.

Jeff Brooks


Reaching people and getting them to care about your organization and its mission is hard. Here are a few tactics that will help.


The Bad News About Good News in Fundraising
Is there a more effective way to inspire donors, supporters or advocates than the language we typically use? Yes, there is.


12 Ideas to Ignite Your Content NOW
Mark Schaefer argues that our focus now needs to shift from content creation (although still vital) to content ignition — getting it seen and shared. Here are some great ideas you can put into practice right now.


How to Use an Unsubscribe Page to Drive Customer Engagement
When someone unsubscribes you’ve lost them, right? Not necessarily. In fact, follow this advice and they might come back more engaged than ever.



Can the Onion Theory Bring Social Media Lurkers into the Light?
More people are invisible to us online because they never participate. In fact, most people simply lurk. A few thoughts on how we might get more of our audience and fans to talk to us.


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