By Steve Sullivan

There are two types of leaders: the one who looks around the table and thinks, “this bunch is going to take a lot of managing,” and the one who thinks, “each person here has something to contribute.”

Whether you are a manager or not, which kind of leader are you? Do you hold tight to your little domain because no one can do it as well as you? If so, you’re holding yourself and your organization back.

Look around and see who you can partner with to amplify your efforts. Who can help you take the work to new heights. Someone who would love to try something new that frees you up to do higher value work.

Partnering and sharing are perhaps the hardest skills I ever learned. But those that have brought the most reward. We, not I.


How to Make Great Landing Pages (With Crazy High Conversions)
After reviewing the design of a key landing page at the organization where I work, I’ve spent some time this week optimizing the design for better conversion. In addition to articles I’ve shared in the past, here is one more I found helpful.


10 Ways to Use One Piece of Content
In this post, John says the purpose of a business is to make and keep a profitable customer. How does that relate to nonprofits? Because we’re in the business of making and keeping a profitable supporter. An advocate. A visitor. A client. Profitable means advancing your mission and cause. Everything else is a waste of time. So it’s important to spend your time on the right things, like getting the most out of your content.

This short post is a good way of considering how to do just that. Forget all the examples that don’t apply, just skim it and concentrate on the deeper point of a more effective way to use and create content. Absorb and go conquer.


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