Brilliance doesn’t arrive on a rainbow, but can come in the guise of an idiot, muttering incoherently about something nonsensical.  Yet somewhere along the line, someone noticed that there was wheat amongst the chaff and helped midwife the idea.

Greg Satell, Digital Tonto


Are you that someone to take what many in your organization might consider crazy digital marketing tactics and use them for your organization’s best interests?

The tactic of remarketing one good, usable example. It’s a bit of tech that allows an organization to target ads either to people who have visited their website or mobile app, or to show digital ads only to their existing contacts and supporters.

Those ads could promote your mission and brand, a product or service you offer, or be a part of your fundraising or marketing campaigns. They are especially good at helping snag new potential supporters that have visited your site but not yet committed to taking action.

Remarketing, or retargeting, is a great tool to be more efficient in using your resources to reach the right people, and only the right people. Yet it comes with a stigma since it’s primarily used for online marketing, and many people find ads that follow you around the internet annoying.

Remarketing is an imperfect attempt to show you ads you might be interested in, rather than random ads for Buicks and Phoenix University. It’s not like ads are going away, so they might as well be relevant to your life. And if an ad helps a person realize that your organization can help them become a hero by supporting a good cause, then it’s a tactic we should embrace.


A Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting Campaigns

A good guide for explaining what retargeting is and how it works. It also covers how-to create and monitor campaigns in Facebook. While it briefly mentions third-party platforms for web and social retargeting, most nonprofits would be better off hiring an agency to run a digital ad campaign for them.
For anyone who sees the power in online ads helping get their message out.


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