Honor those that came before and use their work as a building block for yours.

— Seth Godin


Do you steal? I do. Every day. Not being that creative, I always look around for great ideas to steal from others. It saves so much time to borrow from what works, modify it and get even better results.

We’re in the business of changing the world, right? Results matter.

There is danger: beware of driving straight to average if you’re doing what everyone else is doing. That’s why it’s so important to make it uniquely yours, to take a risk and build upon what others have done and push it to new heights.

What ideas have you stolen? Leave a comment below and let me know.


Steal, Don’t Invent
I didn’t steal this idea from Seth but I knew he’d have something pithy and worth reading to say about it.


10 Reasons Your Editorial Calendar Sucks (and How to Make it the Best)
Although this piece is a soft sales pitch for their editorial calendar product (which looks awesome), there are some fantastic ideas and concepts in here to steal. Not just how to build a calendar, but how to think about getting the most out of your content over time and how to get the rest of your team to jump on board. Well worth the read.



YOU HAD ME AT HELLO: 54 Ideas For Strong Leads And Smooth Transitions
Do you keep a file of effective headlines and leads to steal for your copywriting? You should! Here’s a great list to start with, pun intended.


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