Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

Steve Jobs


Let’s get practical. It’s tempting to follow the latest trends, technology and strategies, but sometimes it’s worth a moment to consider if you’re optimizing the basics. That’s where you’ll often find the greatest return, on the boring, time-tested details that work.

Is your website focused on its primary objective? Is it easy for people to give you money? Is your social media strategy working effectively?

Most importantly, are your marketing, communications and fundraising strategies aimed at creating real-life engagement that benefits your nonprofit and your cause, not just vanity engagement that feels good?

This is the perfect time to reevaluate how well you’re doing with your core strategy and execution. Some concrete and detailed help:


Seven Mind-numbingly Easy Marketing Changes You Probably Haven’t Made Yet
Read this carefully. Not only is there excellent advice on some key basic concepts, but some great thoughts on why it’s important.
Concrete advice for practitioners.


How to Get People to Read Your Entire Blog Post
Do you think your audience is poring over your carefully crafted, brilliant content? Wow, are you wrong! A good wake-up call and some fantastic tips on improving your efforts.
Concrete advice for practitioners.


Facebook in 2015 — What Nonprofits Need to Know
Sometimes (always) the basic worth paying attention to is your core strategy. What is new and upcoming with Facebook and how will it affect your work?
Strategic advice for leaders and practitioners.


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