The devil is in the details, but so is salvation.

Hyman G. Rickover


Details matter. While strategies and plans are critical for the focus needed to achieve success, it’s the details of implementation that often make or break the outcome.

Details can mislead, however. If you don’t understand which details matter, and which don’t, your work will never reach its potential. For nonprofits, it’s always about maximum effectiveness. You’re always short of everything you need, right?

It’s critical to become an expert on the details that get you closest toward the goal of your strategy, so you’re always spending time only on work that works best. That means making hard choices about how you spend your time. And that’s often the hardest detail of all.


6 Steps to Writing Simple Copy That Sells
Wait, you don’t work in sales, do you? Wrong. Every nonprofit fundraiser, marketer and communicator uses, or should use, the same tactics that power successful selling to drive their writing.

Sales is always a part of your life, whether it’s looking for a spouse, asking for a gift or convincing your boss that your ideas are best. Being a skilled writer is one of your most important skills. And simplicity is at the heart of effective writing.

This article also covers some essential ground for effective marketing, fundraising and communicating.
Brilliant, important advice for us all.


10 Twitter Tactics to Increase Your Engagement
Straight up, basic advice for success on Twitter.
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The Ideal Length of Everything Online, From Tweets to YouTube Videos
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