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Month: April 2015

While you were sleeping


Oh Facebook, at it again. Tweaking the newsfeed to push posts from friends you interact with over posts from pages. Pushing posts from websites that more regularly publish content that gets interacted with (blogs, typically).

See a trend? Yes, our reach rates will take a hit again, but that’s a good thing. Because it means if you’re really engaging your supporters on Facebook — and for goodness sake if you’re not why are you bothering? — then you’ve an even better chance of being seen.

It’s all about quality, these days. And quality means interacting with your audience, not just talking at them. Isn’t that the whole point of social media anyway?


Nine Attitudes that can Hold Writers Back
Is the way you think of writing making you less effective?
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How to do it well

Being good is merely the first step.

— Seth Godin


It’s hard to be excellent, and last week we learned that being excellent is only the first step.

But what does excellence mean? What could we be doing better?

A few M&Ms for thought.


You too can be a lot like charity:water
Is your organization willing to do what charity:water does to be a game-changer?
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What does context marketing mean for your nonprofit?

Optimize for intent.

— Seth Godin


What the hell am I doing? I ask myself that every time I put together one of these posts. Sure, I’ve followed my own advice and have a strategy: delivering interesting, useful and actionable information to you every week.

And yet I struggle to follow all the advice I send. Especially when it comes to tactics for being discovered and read. I’m not using the most commonly preached tactics, such as optimizing for search, writing gripping headlines or even using images.

Instead I’m trying to build an audience that knows me and trusts that every week I’ll post something worthwhile. (I hope) I don’t have to resort to trick headlines to get you to read. So I’ve taken to having fun instead of “6 Tips for Writing Nonprofit Marketing Copy that Works.” It’s a philosophy of push rather than pull.

So far so good.

But then again not everyone reads or opens or finds. And fewer share or forward. That’s normal, but still. What could I be doing differently? Love to hear your thoughts below.


A Three-step Marketing Ladder
Before you can be successful at marketing, fundraising, communicating or advocating, you have to understand the steps along the way. Right now we’re focusing on the first step.
Short and sweet but important.
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How to break through the noise

We live in a pay-to-play world where organizations have to spend money to make money.

— Colleen Dilenschneider


How do you break through the noise? By talking to the people who want to hear from you. Too often we’re focused on having a large audience.

But why? Perhaps it’s better to have a small audience of supporters who hang on every word, show up when they’re needed and share your (their) message with others, greatly amplifying your reach.

And just because social media is “free” doesn’t mean it’s without cost. So today it’s important to spend your precious few resources on what really moves the needle for your organization and your mission.

Every minute and every dollar matters.


Three Marketing Truths for an Information Dense World
Ok, so how do you break through? Here are three things you’d better keep in mind or you’re wasting your time.
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Here is some great stuff to steal

Honor those that came before and use their work as a building block for yours.

— Seth Godin


Do you steal? I do. Every day. Not being that creative, I always look around for great ideas to steal from others. It saves so much time to borrow from what works, modify it and get even better results.

We’re in the business of changing the world, right? Results matter.

There is danger: beware of driving straight to average if you’re doing what everyone else is doing. That’s why it’s so important to make it uniquely yours, to take a risk and build upon what others have done and push it to new heights.

What ideas have you stolen? Leave a comment below and let me know.


Steal, Don’t Invent
I didn’t steal this idea from Seth but I knew he’d have something pithy and worth reading to say about it.
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