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Facebook is firing nonprofits


A lesson on market economics.

Facebook is Firing Nonprofits
Facebook is increasingly an important, or even critical, engagement tool for nonprofits. Yet declining reach rates due to the overwhelming amount of content that could potentially show in someone’s feed means that Facebook now filters out what it thinks is least interesting to each and every user.

What does that mean for nonprofits? You’re reaching far fewer of your fans than you might think. To play the game, it’s time to consider paying for placement of key content. Read on to learn why this controversial idea could become a necessity.


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What’s the culture at your nonprofit? Innovative, effective, powerful? How about your team? How does culture affect your goal to create change?

This talk by a former leader at Disney University, Disney’s in-house global training program, is a fascinating look at how culture affects an organization’s impact, and how to create and maintain an effective culture in any organization.

It’s the best 45 minutes I’ve spent this week.

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