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Month: November 2014

Have you crossed your channels?


Have you embraced cross-channel communication and marketing? If so, you understand that different channels play different roles in reaching and engaging your audience. And if you aren’t thinking about cross-channel, it’s time to get started.


Three Big Differences Between Email and Facebook

John Haydon

Like Facebook, email is where you nurture relationships with donors and supporters. But Facebook and email are very different from each other in three critical areas.

1) Privacy and Intimacy
Email is not a public channel like Facebook. When someone joins your list, they’ve agreed to enter a private relationship with you, by way of their inbox. Respecting their privacy starts with not sending them emails every day. In fact, you should only emails when you have something useful to say.
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Let’s get engaged

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

— Albert Einstein

Every nonprofit needs to engage people, grow fans and nurture supporters. But just what is digital engagement and how should it work?


Rethinking Social Media Engagement
At the beginning of social media, many thought this new medium was the birth of a new egalitarian online world. “Engagement” with a community was the beginning and end of social media strategy. But as Mark Schaefer correctly argues, engagement not tied tobusiness objectives is not a good strategy.
Short and sweet.
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What’s your worldview?

“To those who does not know the world is on fire, I have nothing to say.”

— Bertolt Brecht

While our personal worldview matters, the worldview of those we are trying to reach is even more important. Because in today’s world, we are drawn to that which is similar to our worldview, our values, our passions, our beliefs. Let’s explore how we have to rebuild what we communicate on all levels, from advocacy to marketing to education to fundraising. And really, aren’t they all fundamentally the same thing?


What’s in a Brand?
A useful and interesting definition of the overused and misunderstood word “brand” by the Seattle creative agency Belief.
Short and sweet.

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What’s our biggest problem?


Our Biggest Problem is Awareness
Seth Godin says if driving awareness about your cause or organization is your biggest goal, you’re working to solve the wrong problem. A very short but important point about a far more effective strategy.
Short and sweet.


Does Your Nonprofit Believe this Myth? The Best Indicator that an Organization is Bad at Social Media
Colleen Dilenschneider explores the idea that social media is free and easy. What’s really involved in social media? How does that affect how we spend our time?
Hard truth for leaders.


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